Engelina Zandstra is living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Since 1992 she followed in Amsterdam many courses in the field of painting, etching, modelling and silk-screen painting. She also took private and group lessons with a visual artist, and did participate in various workshops in the painting and drawing area. Autodidact.
During the last years she chiefly applies herself to painting, with acrylic paint on canvas.

Her work has been purchased by various individuals and companies.
This is a selection :

*   2009   Galerie en Kunstuitleen ‘Artchoices’, Hoofddorp.

*   2008   MoreforYou, Barneveld, Netherlands

*   2008   Art for Company, Diessen, Netherlands

*   2007   A. Cicilia, Rotterdam, Netherlands

*   2007   H. Röhm, Zeist, Netherlands

*   2003   Galerie de Opsteker, Amsterdam, Netherlands

*   1999   M. Neervoort, Amersfoort, Netherlands

*   1999   Tandartspraktijk Wintersberger, Amsterdam, Netherlands

*   1999   Corío, Utrecht, Netherlands

*   1998   Architectenbureau Evelein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

*   1996   Hogeschool Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands